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The ASM reaffirms its systematic opposition to the agglomeration’s inequitable spending

At the February 22 meeting of the Montréal Agglomeration Council, the mayors of the Association of Suburban Municipalities (ASM) reaffirmed their commitment to a fair distribution of the Agglomeration’s expenses, by once again systematically voting against proposals that do not meet the legitimate expectations of the municipalities involved Download the press release

The ASM will systematically oppose any Montreal agglomeration expenditure or financial measure deemed inequitable

Faced with the failure of their efforts to reach a new agreement on the sharing of the expenses of the Montreal agglomeration, the mayors of the Association of Suburban Municipalities (ASM) must now take a firm position. From now on, they will systematically oppose any expenditure or financial measure proposed by the Agglomeration, unless a direct, tangible, and equitable benefit is clearly established for one, several, or all of the demerged municipalities.